Collier Webb

Focus on the Collier Webb Foundry

Collier Webb create superbly crafted lighting, furniture and hardware pieces for the world’s interiors experts and architects. All of their beautiful items are made from start to finish at their foundry on the South Coast of England.

Collier Webb products follow a fascinating route through the business. On its journey from concept to dispatch one item will pass through as many as ten different departments of talented craftsmen and women. 

The first one of these stages is for the designers at Collier Webb to form the initial design concepts, working closely with the client to create technical drawings for the production team.

The designers then work with Collier Webb’s pattern-makers and metal casting craftsmen to produce intricate metal castings of various sizes. The ancient method of “Lost Wax” casting is favoured at Collier Webb. This traditional craft which dates back thousands of years is the best for producing intricate detail.

The beautifully cast pieces are then polished and coloured as required. Collier Webb have created a range of metal finishes and with their years of experience they have established themselves as experts in the field. They are able to match any sample metal colour that their clients may require.

The piece is then assembled and finished to the highest possible standards and shipped directly to their client’s project anywhere across the globe.