Gainsborough hand printed wallpaper for interior design projects

The Beauty of Block Printing – Gainsborough’s Range of Wallpapers

Gainsborough’s range of beautiful, hand-block printed wallpapers have been inspired by never-before-seen archive designs that highlight an array of historical influences.  Formed of five distinct patterns, the collection has been traditionally block-printed in the UK, using techniques that date back to the seventeenth century.

Gainsborough’s in-house team of designers worked meticulously with block print experts to create carefully reconstructed versions of these outstanding archive designs. Each pattern section and colour required an individual block print to be carved. For more complex designs such as the Lace Brocade design, which includes the use of ten different colours, two printing blocks were used per colour. On completion of a single roll this pattern would have passed through the printer’s hands over twenty times!

It’s this handcrafted nature that ensures each roll of wallpaper exudes quality and a stand-out depth of colour. The natural matt finish of the paper also retains the raised texture of the print.

Discover the collection designs and colourway options below and online at

luxury wallpaper by Gainsborough
LACE BROCADE: Available in 3colourways: Duck Egg & Green; Gold & Grey; Paper & Forest Green
luxury hand block printed wallpaper for interior design projects
MELFORD DAMASK: Available in 2 colourways: Blue & Gold; Sand, Slate & Ammonite
luxury handcrafted wallpaper for interior design projects
TUDOR TRELLIS: Available in 5 colourways: Canvas & Sand; Muga & Sudbury Yellow; Plaster & Sand; Nor Sky & Clay; Willow & Clay
handcrafted wallpaper by Gainsborough
DAISY CHAIN: Available in 4 colourways: Duck Green, Mole & Gold; Savage Ground, Ball Green & Caddie; Truffle, Muga & Gold; Cerulean Blue, Slate and Sea Mist
luxury wallpaper for classical interior design projects
CONTINUOUS: Available in 4 colourways: Chelsea & Sap Green; Sand; Sudbury Yellow & Hay; Tablecloth and Off White