bespoke window furniture by McKinney & Co

Curiouser and Curiouser – McKinney & Co. Celebrate the V&A’s Latest Exhibition

In celebration of the V&A’s enchanting new Alice in Wonderland exhibition, “Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser”, McKinney & Co. introduce us to their Lewis Carole inspired window furniture.

McKinney’s vast collection includes some truly unique items, from finials enclosing tiny teddy bears – the ideal addition to a nursery, to huge, beautifully carved pineapple finials, but this clever collection will add the perfect whimsical nod for anyone in touch with their inner Alice.

monochrome curtain rail finial by McKinney & Co.
Wooden finial to fit 51mm diameter pole in custom paint finish (F265)
perspex curtain pole and finial by McKinney & Co,
Perspex pole set – 35mm diameter with green and clear Perspex finial
Perspex pole set – 40mm diameter with black and clear Perspex finial

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