One Hundred Years of the finest bespoke fabrics

For more than 100 years, Gainsborough Silks have been producing the very finest interior furnishing fabrics. Gainsborough has a proud and rich history of perfecting bespoke luxury fabrics for such eminent names as Liberty’s, William Morris & Co and the British Royal Family.

Diversification over the last 20 years has seen Gainsborough producing fabrics for clients as diverse as Hollywood film sets, French haute couture houses and luxury car brands.

Owning their own mills and controlling every aspect of production has allowed Gainsborough the flexibility to accommodate both large and small clients. Now, much of Gainsborough Silk’s business is with individual, exclusive interior designers.

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Grand Master Collection by Gainsborough
Gainsborough Silks
Gainsborough Silks
Eglon House by photographer Alexander James